Or as the french would say… ‘Ouf!’

Huge relief. Dad’s quad bypass (not triple!!) was successful, and since my last post he’s been released home, and is being cared for by my mum (who is no doubt overjoyed to be playing Florence Nightingale). We’ve had a couple of video skypes since he came home, and she just can’t stop herself from shadowing him, and constantly touching him. We’re just not that kind of family. He must be inwardly cringing… but I guess it’s incentive for him to get moving and get better!!

Buddy is too young to understand the seriousness of what’s been going on… but not too young to pick up on all the anxiety, so I’m glad that we’re ALL on the mend now.  So a little retail therapy (in his favour), and some choice weekend outings (also in his favour) and we’re all fairly close to being back to normal.

Back to the grind tomorrow. August has been a bit of a write off, so I’d better make September profitable, or I’ll never be able to afford to fly home for Christmas!!!