Buddy is two and a eight months. He’s mostly potty trained (no thanks to hubs, of course).  We’re still doing the pampers at nap time and bedtime… No rush. No pressure.  All in his own time.

What we are working on now, is the ‘number two’ issue. Most of the books and blogs on potty training indicate that since the need to poo is the easiest to identify in your toddler’s behaviour, it’s the starting point to potty training. Not in my house. When Buddy retreats to his bedroom, slams the door, and raises his finger when you try to approach shouting ‘I want that you go away!’… well, you just know what’s coming.  Can’t miss his signs. But good luck getting him anywhere near the toilet.

Last week, Buddy started to embrace the big boy way of doing a poo… but I’m pretty sure I’m getting played now.

His need to sit on the toilet always seems to hit at bedtime (and rarely produces results). And he can sit there FOR-EV-ER!!!  Try to get him into his pampers and into bed for stories, and he whines, “No mama, I need to do a poo,”  and “I need a poo-cuddle” and he’s mastered the art of screwing up his face so it looks like he’s pushing.  Big fat faker. Big, fat, how-did-he-get-so-manipulative faker. #proudmommy

So what’s a mum to do?  I could call bullshit, and wrangle him into his pampers and jammies, but then I’ve got a tantrum to deal with, and a possible setback in the willingness to use the toilet. And you know… once or twice he really was successful.

So it’s 11:30 pm. And he’s finally asleep. No success this evening, unless you consider an extra hour of playtime on the toilet a success (and I’m sure he does)… so I guess we’ll just have to keep on trying. I might just have to slip some dried apricots into his porridge tomorrow morning.