So, further to my bedtime shenanigan dilemma from earlier this week, it has escalated into something wholeheartedly more stressful. By Friday evening we counted backwards realising that it had been five full days since any ‘movement’.  That can’t be good.

By Saturday, Buddy was not only fighting a head cold, but an increasing bout of constipation. Stopped up at both ends!

By Saturday evening the poor monkey couldn’t stand upright, couldn’t walk, and was in tears from 7:30 pm until he finally fell asleep in my arms after 10. Worst he’s ever been.  I tried everything I could… pears, pear juice, high fibre foods, warm bath (which he fought tooth and nail), and even a home-made enema (don’t ask). No joy.

He spent the night in my bed, and hubs was sent to the sofa. Don’t feel too badly for hubs, he probably got a better night sleep than I did, as he didn’t have tiny little feet pushing and kicking him all night long!!

This morning was no better, and after repeating all of the tricks from the previous evening, I popped a movie on the iPad, plunked him in a very warm bath, and waited and waited and waited while Nemo kept him entertained. At least he wasn’t crying. I’ll take whatever small victories I can get. At one point he politely asked if he could pee in the bath, and said ‘sure, why not’ because lets face it… the point of the bath was for him to pass an enormously painful poo… I don’t think sitting in his own diluted urine could really be all that much worse. 15 minutes later, with the aid of a little bath oil, RELIEF!!!! For both of us.

He’s all smiles now, and back to his normal self. But it’s late Sunday evening, so it’s been a bit of a wasted weekend. I can’t believe this entire weekend has revolved around poo. Merde… again.