Let me start off by saying that buddy is already gifted in the language department (yes, I’m a gloaty mom, but seriously, he talks circles around his other little friends of the same age). I’m not saying he’s a genius… just an advanced chatterbox. Hubs thinks he gets it from me. Wha???

So teaching Buddy french is pretty important for us, and the clock is ticking. Less than a year from now he’ll be starting in french school, Mon Dieu!  They start so young over here!   In France, the kids start school at age 2 or 3 (the cut off date is December 31… if you turn 2 before the end of December, you start school the following September. If you turn 2 after January 1, you start school the following year.)  Fortunately Buddy was a February-baby, so he won’t be starting school until he’s three and a half.

So we’ve got time to ‘franglify’ him!  11 more months, to be precise.

Now my french is okay, although rife with grammatical and pronunciation errors, and a kick-ass Canadian accent, eh!  Hubster’s grasp of the french language is kind of pitiful, so needless to say we’re a completely english-speaking household!  And our friends are primarily english speaking, and his little friends are primarily english-speaking. Which is going to give Buddy a bit of a handicap when he starts school.

Sure, I know a fair amount of expats who have moved here, started their anglo kids in a french school, and every single one of them adjusted fine, and quickly surpassed mum and dad. Still… I’m already stressed enough about school starting so young, so I’d like him to feel just that little bit less lost.

We can’t budget for a private tutor or pre-school, so I’m teaching him french myself. I’ve bought some language apps for the iPad (which held his interest for short period), and I’ve tried reading him french books (which just sounds stilted and wrong).  Surprisingly, the easiest and most fun way of doing it has been the good old fashioned game of Eye Spy with my Little Eye. Except everything we spy is in French!  I spy with my eye, something that is rouge!  I spy with my little eye, something that is le soleil!

So while he may not be speaking in french yet, his vocabulary is growing by leaps and bounds!!  He tosses his ‘bonjours’ and ‘au revoirs’ around like nothing!  And he loves it. And he’s starting to use the french words mixed in with the english in day-to-day life, which is tres fantastique!

Except that he sends me running for the translation dictionary pretty often. We’re working on the construction vehicles now!  Cranes, dump trucks, diggers!!  So we’re both learning!