Well, this has been a sucky 72 hours!

Life proved a point this weekend when our internet went out for 3 days. I tell you, we were crippled. No idea quite how completely reliant and addicted we are to the ‘net! Even Buddy, who shouldn’t give much of a crap, was quite put out when we told him that his digger and dump truck videos were unavailable because YouTube was ‘broken’.

Nevermind the fact that neither of us was able to do a stitch of work over the weekend (which does, admittedly, keep a nice little roof over our head), but we also couldn’t keep up with news, current events, random googling for Jack O Lantern ideas, dinner recipes, and to see how a movie ends before it’s actually started on TV. No Skype calls with family. No emails, just for fun… because I’m totally not paying a small fortune in 3G charges to do that over the iPhone.

Calls to France Telecom on Friday evening were fruitless, and it didn’t really have anything to do with language differences (although I’m sure if they spoke english I could have far more clearly expressed my frustration with them). One office advises us to call another, who via automated response, directed us to another. Ultimately we ended up with a Tuesday appointment without even having been able to speak directly to someone, and we weren’t even sure if that would solve the problem!  A visit to the local shop on Saturday morning was equally fruitless, as they directed us to call the number that we had already called the night before. And so it goes on.

Apparently, it would be working again sometime on Monday. Or maybe Tuesday. And it was. Briefly. And there was much joy and dancing in our house!  But then, as we happily enjoyed our morning coffee over Facebook and Huffington Post today… the internet went out again. Doom!  DOOM!!!

I’m sure that these are simply ‘first world problems’ and in light of the Sandy storm that’s bashing the US, our problems are small. But still… the internet is my drug. I needs it. I haves to have it. It’s my precioussssss.

Update 1 November:  Internet went down again shortly after this post… and wasn’t up and running until the 31st. Five days. No internet. Suuuuuucks.