It’s been an intense week… I’m organising a move out of Monaco for one of my clients, and because the rental market is so ridiculously tight, we still haven’t found a new address to move into. So I’ve been sorting and organising to put contents in storage for the time being.

And I’ve had it all well in hand. Until around 6pm last night when the rug was pulled out from underneath me (not literally, the carpet is actually fine).

I received a text from the agent for the owner, who said that the Syndic (the group responsible for the building itself) has sent an terse email that they understood I would move the contents out on 19 November, the Monaco National Holiday, and that all citizens and residents of Monaco must respect the holiday and that the removal must not happen.

Holy frickin’ Merde!

Yes, I knew that the 19th was a National Holiday… in fact, one of the stricter ones in Monaco. HOWEVER, the moving company is not from Monaco. I am not a Monaco resident. And the police had already approved the parking and moving permit. So how could this happen, and so late in the game!?

Needless to say I was wound up in a tizzy, and couldn’t resolve the issue immediately as both the moving company was closed, and the police office was closed.  So I had to fret about it all night. And I did. So tired now….

Long story short:  The habitually UNHELPFUL concierge at the building complained to the Syndic that I was planning the move for the 19th, and as it was a National Holiday, they would not work. Ok. Well. For one thing, I have no need for the concierge for the move — they are a couple of useless twats who do nothing anyway, and complain about it. Secondly… THEY NEVER WORK ON MONDAYS. So what the hell difference would it make to them if it was a holiday or not???  I cannot comprehend why they would try to rock a boat that would have absolutely no effect on them whatsoever. What is with people???

Seriously, they are the worst concierges ever… they have refused to accept packages for us, and in one shocking instance, my client’s car was being towed, and the concierge just stood outside and watched them hoist it up on the truck…. didn’t even bother to buzz up to the apartment to let us know there was a problem. Instead, we got a call from the parking concierge from up the block, who knows us too, who saw it happening as he drove past, and SAW THE CONCIERGE WATCHING FROM THE SIDELINES. Incroyable.

These people must resent their jobs, and yet they have a cushy job where they are paid, provided with an apartment and parking in Monaco, and have very little to do to earn it.  Give the job to someone who would actually provide a service to the tenants, would you?  The apartment we are vacating will rent for 13,000 Euros per month. For that kind of money, the concierge should at LEAST be willing to accept a fucking FedEx package.

The police have confirmed that we have the authorisation to move, and to park as planned. And so the move starts at 9am on Monday morning.

The Syndic can suck it.