What a crap day. It all deals with the fallout from my previous post about moving on the National Holiday, and the concierges who love to cause trouble.  I’ll save you this story (for now) except to say that the moving company did some minor damage to the common area of the building… and the Syndic is trying to get them to fix more than they should be obligated to fix. Oh, and the moving company is holding up their hands and saying ‘it wasn’t us’ (no one saw it… no one did it). Which ultimately leave my client financially responsible from their caution.

Hellz no. That’s not going to happen. Not on my watch. There was a lot of yelling going on today. Most of it in french. I was able to phase out most of the nonsense  while everyone talked over each other 🙂

So… I’m home now and I want a drink. A nice big glass of wine. A nice, quaffable italian white Frascati. And you know what… I’M PUTTING A FRICKIN’ ICE CUBE IN IT.  I like my wine chilled. Really, really chilled. And I’m willing to offend you wine snobs by diluting it was a piece of ice to get it even chillier.  Which was, by the way — to further offend you — the ice is made from plain old calc-heavy tap water.

So, wine snobs… you too can suck it.  I’m just in that mood this week.

(but don’t worry, I wont’ try this with a red — even I have my limits!)