Spring is just around the corner!

While I’m aware that the folks back home are in the midst of frigid winter, without end in sight (and hopefully planning their mid-winter holiday south to tide them over until spring), I can’t help but get that tingly ‘spring is around the corner’ feeling!

As we inch towards February the orange trees are laden with fruit and the citrus festival in Menton will start in a few short weeks. The mimosa trees are in full bloom, blazes of yellow on the hillsides, and the streets in Nice are getting set up for the grand two-and-a-half week spectacle of Carnival! (will blog about that at a later date!)

Throw into the mix that Buddy’s third birthday is also in February, and I can guarantee you that the month will positively fly by!

Back home we have a saying for March:  “In like a lion, out like a lamb”.  Over here it’s exaggerated, because we could conceivably be out and about in short sleeves before the month of March is through. Some locals will already be finding a warm sheltered spot on the beach to start bronzing for the season, speedos on full display! (nutters, they are!). I’ll probably pull a couple of sundresses out of storage, on standby, for those spectacularly fab afternoons on the terrace.

By which time most of my friends and family back home will finally be getting that tingly ‘spring is just around the corner’ feeling.

Short winters. Just one of the things I love about the south of France!