Are my eyes deceiving me?  I haven’t written anything since Jan 31!!??


Okay, my ‘May resolution’ is to try to blog once a week. Wish me luck.

I’ll have to try to encapsulate the last 3 months in one brief post. Which essentially explains my brief absence. Kinda.

Work:  INSANELY busy for the months of Feb/March. I won’t name names (much as I am DYING to, because even I was impressed, and Im rarely impressed!), but I had a short term, time-intense client project in Monaco. It was a lot of hours, in a short period of time, unrealistic deadlines (which I managed to meet regardless) and tremendously successful results which ended up saving my client about 50,000 Euros. Or more. And as an extra ‘thank you’, the client gifted me their AMAZING Loewe television, which I now need to get 3D glasses for so I can try out the 3D feature!!  Hoorah for a job well done!

Health:  While I was intensely busy with work, I was also battling one cold after another. Literally sick for 8 weeks straight. I still have ringing in the ears, and my eyes are still pink from the infection. Buddy was also sick half that time.  So that made it even more challenging to keep on top of all the work. Fortunately Buddy could come with me a lot of the days, which made him happy.

So you can forgiveme for not having the time, or energy to do a post?  In all honesty, even though the workload and health have been so much more manageable for the month of April, I’ve just been in ‘low energy’ recovery mode. Not a profitable month for me!!

Weather:  Well, I hear that there have been a lot of late season cold and snow in Canada, but we are well into spring here. The jasmine is in full bloom, we’ve planted the seedlings for our veg and herb garden, and have been out on the terrace in shorts and tshirts. Just love spring in the cote d’azur.

Other than that, things are fab.  The season is just starting to get busy — weekends are getting booked up, friends and family are planning visits over the next few months, and we’re also looking forward to a week’s holiday in Corsica.  We’ll be hitting the beach soon… but sadly, summer passes in the blink of an eye. But we will enjoy every moment of it!!!

More to follow. Apologies!!