Just found this post in my drafts folder!  Whoops!  🙂  From August 2013

I’ve got a pretty great life here in the south of France, but sometimes I have the opportunity to see how the other half lives, and my life just gets richer (and perhaps a wee bit more decadent!!)

A client has a house up the coast in Port Grimaud. They only summer there, so when it’s off season there are things that need to be done, whether for security or maintenance. So it made sense that I finally make my way out there to see it first-hand, so I know what I’m actually responsible for.

So they invited us up, en famille, for the weekend.  And oh, la la!

A generous offer on their part, but I was still prepared for a ‘working weekend’ while hubs and Buddy banged around Port Grimaud a bit, and enjoyed the atmosphere.  Not to be. We were spoiled from the minute we arrived, until finally in the late hours of the weekend we did a couple of hours of ‘work’ before heading back home.  The housekeeper and nanny just took care of anything we (or Buddy would want).

The fellas were all treated to an afternoon at the GoKart track — Buddy’s first time in a GoKart and we were shocked he wasn’t too scared to try!  He’s shedding his scaredy cat ways, and becoming an adrenaline junkie like his mumma!!!  Of course he’s too young to pilot it himself, but he cheered on the big boys, and co-piloted when it was daddy’s turn. Wish I could have been there to see it, but the mum’s stayed behind to make sure the champagne didn’t go to waste! 🙂


We were taken for dinner in a fabulous little restaurant in Grimaud, where we merrily ate, and drank our way through three bottles of wine with our hosts (had a bottle of Chateau Miraval, from the Jolie-Pitt estate — meh.  Don’t quit your day jobs guys, it was only ‘okay’ The Minuty was unanimously far better!)

The next morning, three ibuprofin and a huge bottle of water later, we enjoyed a large breakfast before heading out to sea… they were taking us across to the beaches of St Tropez for lunch.  Yeah. Doesn’t suck!


An absolutely enjoyable afternoon at sea and at the beach, and one that stick’s in Buddy’s memory!  Some work was eventually done… but mostly it was a ‘play’ weekend!  I really do love my job!

About Port Grimaud & St Tropez:  It’s a tiny village in the gulf of St Tropez, known a the Venice of the Riviera because of all the canals and bridges.  All the houses are old fishing houses (beautifully and luxuriously restored). Every house is on the waters edge, and almost all of them have at least one mooring for a boat.

St Tropez, across the bay, is the ultimate riviera town.  Glamourous and glitzy in summer, but with a genuine ‘small town’ feel.  It’s difficult to get to St Tropez. It’s far from the autoroute, and the massive traffic jam during the season is discouraging to so many. You wouldn’t fight that traffic just to go for the day!!  And accommodation is costly in St Tropez!  And booked well in advance, especially for the more ‘reasonably’ priced places.  I do love St Tropez, although I would prefer to go early season (May/June) or late season (Sept/Oct) to avoid the heaving crowds, overpriced and underwhelming service, and traffic jams.  And the beaches?  Surely you’ve heard of the Pampelonne beach of St Tropez? A sweeping long, wide sandy beach. Dotted with some of the most famous beach restaurants in the world? Divine.  Top beaches in the Cote d’Azur, to be sure.  But worth the effort to get there?  That depends. Maybe 🙂