I’m a forty-something Canadian Mum, who left my homeland more than 10 years ago for a bit of ill-advised adventure. Who would have guessed that a decade later I would have met the Kiwi of my dreams, married in France, and had a wonderful little boy (just in time before my eggs petrify!)  Sometimes life just slips into place, and it makes me think I must have done something right along the way.

And so, as a family, we debated whether to settle in my Canada, his New Zealand/Oz, or build a life together where our life together started… the south of France.  Buddy has no real nationality:  Offically he’s half Canadian and half Kiwi, and he won’t be an official Frenchman until he’s an adult and can request it himself. Merde.

And so here we are. Sometimes anxious. Sometimes frustrated. But always, ALWAYS happy about our decision to stay. Vive la France!