Now, I’m not one for making a New Year’s resolution, but I just can’t myself come springtime!  It may still be January, but my head is already in full spring mode!

So with today’s weather an unseasonably warm 18 degrees, it’s the perfect day to attempt to start running again!  As you do when you realise it’s almost time to start wearing clothes that reveal your midsection again!! I vowed last summer would be my LAST fat summer!

Time was, when I was young approaching middle-aged and single, I was uber fit. I lived in my tiny flat in the Vieux Nice, not 100 meters from the sea, and I had the luxury of time to get kitted, stroll out the front door, and then be on the waterfront in less than a minute. I ran almost daily, and I had no idea how good I had it!!!

Fast forward a half decade, and I’m now mid 40’s, have moved about a km inland from the sea so we could have a larger and quieter flat with a large roof terrace, better for starting our little family. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve a lovely view out to sea, but it takes me at least 20 minutes to walk there now!

So between work, raising little Buddy, and the fact that the seaside is simply no longer out my front door… well, lets just say I’ve strapped my shoes on a grand total of three times since the day I found out I was pregnant  (in 2009). I’m not exactly ‘fit’ anymore, and being active has taken on a whole new meaning 🙂

But today’s run was not bad. I’d estimate it to be between 3.5 and 4km. No stopping. Mediocre speed (I need new tunes on the iPod, most of my playlist is at least 6 years old!!). I ran over to the port, and around towards the long promenade before crossing the city centre to get back home. Half of the view was lovely anyway!  But Nice is spending so much time and money of face lifts right now, that the renovations are well under way for the new Couloir Vert — a beautiful parkland that will stretch all the way from the Acropolis down to the Place Massena and the seafront. Right now it’s simply a mass construction site (which buddy loves) but before long it’s going to be breathtaking, and long overdue.  They knocked down the old bus terminal and what was quite possibly the worlds ugliest parking garage in order to create beauty for the city. Smart move, Estrosi. Two thumbs up.

I’m proud to live here, and its great to see Nice scrubbing itself up, and being restored to it’s former glory. And really, who can beat this scenery for a nice, relaxing run.


So spring is in the air, and I’m ready to give myself a bit of a fitness face lift! Hopefully I can find a way to work it into my already jam-packed schedule… then maybe I can start to resemble that healthy, strong gal I used to be.  And maybe I can fit into those jeans again, that are sitting in the back of my closet.

Wish me luck!!! Bon courage!